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Dec 04, 2018

Loading volumes on the network owned by Russian Railways increased by 1.5% in November 2018

According to the latest figures, loading volumes on the network owned and operated by Russian Railways in November 2018 amounted to 107.3 million tons, 1.5% more than in November 2017.

Freight turnover in November 2018 increased by 4.3% compared to November 2017 and amounted to 220.1 billion tariff ton-kilometres. Freight turnover taking into account empty wagon runs during the same month rose by 4.3% and increased to 280.8 billion ton-km.

According to the latest figures, loading volumes in January-November 2018 was 1.1807 billion tons, 2.6% more than during in the same period last year.

The railways shipped the following categories of freight during January-November 2018. The figures in brackets show the percentage change compared to January-November 2017.

coal – 342.8 million tons (+5.2%);

coke – 10.2 million tons (+0.1%);

oil and petroleum products – 215.5 million tons (+0.6%);

iron and manganese ores – 106.4 million tons (+5.7%);

ferrous metals – 71.2 million tons (+8.2%);

ferrous metal scrap – 14.8 million tons (+2.7%);

chemical and mineral fertilisers – 53.9 million tons (+3.8%);

cement – 23.8 million tons (-6.5%);

timber – 41.9 million tons (+5.9%);

grain – 24.7 million tons (+25.9%);

construction materials – 115.1 million tons (-6.8%);

non-ferrous ores and sulphur feedstock – 18.4 million tons (-1.1%);

chemicals and soda – 24 million tons (+1.1%);

industrial raw materials and moulded materials – 32.5 million tons (-3.3%).

Since the beginning of 2018, freight turnover amounted to 2,371.7 billion tariff ton-km, an increase of 4.4%. Freight turnover taking into account empty wagon runs rose to 3,018.3 billion ton-kilometers, up 4.2%.

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