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Dec 05, 2019

CEO of Russian Railways sums up Company’s work in last 11 months

Oleg Belozerov, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Russian Railways, has held a conference call with the heads of the Company’s regional rail divisions. Under discussion were the last 11 months and the tasks for December 2019.

Belozerov said that tariff turnover during this period had increased by 0.4% and by 0.3% after taking into account the empty wagon runs made by privately-owned wagons. Loading volumes amounted to more than 1.171 billion tons of freight, which corresponds to the plan, but which were nevertheless 0.8%. less than last year.

The Company CEO therefore stressed the need to improve the work targeted at customers, especially small and medium-sized businesses, in order to compensate for the changed situation regarding a number of goods.

Summing up the results of the passenger side, Belozerov noted that all the key indicators had shown positive trends: passenger turnover had increased by 3.1%, with long-distance passenger turnover up by 2.9% and suburban passenger turnover by 3.7%.

Oleg Belozerov also highlighted the start of the projects for the Moscow Central Diameters (MCDs), which took place on 21 November.

"The launch of the MCDs is an integral part in the creation of a new overall transport system whose main feature is the high degree of integration of rail transport with passenger transport in Moscow and the region," he said.

"Thanks to that decision, the Moscow Central Ring (MCR) set a new record of 571,000 passengers just last Friday. The Moscow Central Ring has carried more than 400 million passengers people since it began operations, which is undoubtedly the result not only of the reduced intervals between the trains, but also of the cumulative effect of integrating the MCR, the MCDs and other modes of transport," said Oleg Belozerov.

According to Belozerov, another new achievement was the reduction of the intervals between the Lastochka electric trains on the Moscow Central Ring to just 4 minutes at rush hour and 8 minutes during the rest of the time.

During the conference call, it was also noted that from 8 December, the entire network of Russian railways would be operating in accordance with a new train timetable which provides for an increase in all types of traffic.

A feature of the new timetable is the increase in the number of daily passenger trains, including the Lastochka trains on seven routes. The geographical reach of the Lastochka double-decker rolling stock will be expanded to another four routes. Particular attention will be paid to high-speed links, with 334 accelerated long-distance passenger trains in the new timetable.

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