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Sep 19, 2018

Oleg Belozerov, CEO of Russian Railways, takes part in Summit of Railway Leaders in Berlin

The Summit of Railway Leaders was held in the German capital Berlin on 18 September 2018 within the framework of the international InnoTrans-2018 exhibition. The Summit was attended by Oleg Belozerov, CEO and Chairman of the Board of OJSC Russian Railways.

The heads of the world’s railway companies and transport agencies usually discuss global challenges and trends in the field of railway transport. The main theme of the 2018 summit was the role of railway transport in the development of urban conurbations.

Speaking in the framework of the panel discussion RAILtropolis – The Future of Cities and Railways, the head of Russian Railways stressed that rail was the transport of the future. Railways offer a choice of various transport products that allow customers and clients to move at different speeds, including using high-speed lines between distant conurbations. In addition, it is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport.

The CEO of Russian Railways gave the Moscow transport hub as an example of solving the problem of combining different types of transport and upgrading the infrastructure to create a new quality passenger service.

"More than 10 million people live in Moscow. The main movement is from the suburbs to Moscow and back, and also within the capital itself. We have structured train services so that all types of railway transport complement each other and are connected intermodally with other types of public transport," said Oleg Belozerov.

In particular, the capital has built the Moscow Central Ring (MCR), a modern and high-tech transport project which is part of the city’s electric train and which meets international standards and enjoys great popularity on the part of passengers.

"We have launched the MCR, and now the trains run at up to five-minute intervals, which is essentially analogous to the underground. We tested this system in Moscow and understand that for large cities, with a population of more than 1 million people, the principle works in practice, so we will now employ it across the country," said the head of Russian Railways.

Every day about 400,000 people use the MCR. The city’s electric train has become popular due to its integration into the capital’s unified transport system, with 19 MCR stations integrated with the underground and 31 stations-cum-hubs which make for easy changing to ground-level public transport.


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