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Sep 18, 2018

Passengers can purchase tickets to Kaliningrad 90 days before train departure

It will be possible to book tickets to and from Kaliningrad 90 days before the train’s departure from 9 December 2018.

At present, tickets to and from Kaliningrad go on sale 60 days before train departure in accordance with the rules for reserving seats/berths and booking tickets on international services.

Booking tickets 90 days before the train’s departure instead of the previous 60 has now became possible as a result of agreements reached with the railway administrations of the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Belarus.

The new rule will come into effect with the introduction of the 2018/2019 train timetable. Passengers will thus be able to purchase tickets for trains departing on 8 March 2019 from 9 December 2018.

It is possible to buy tickets for trains to the Kaliningrad region which transit across the territory of Belarus and Lithuania at both railway ticket offices and on the website of OJSC Russian Railways.

Detailed information on the rules for booking tickets to the Kaliningrad region, as well as the cost of tickets and the train timetable, can be found on the official website of Russian Railways in the section "Passengers" and obtained from the toll-free number 8 (800) 775-00-00 (calls are free when made from any point in Russia).

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